Frequently Asked Question:

Can I purchase my tickets online?  Yes!  Click on “Buy Tickets”, and it will open a calendar.  Pick your date and time…it will open and you will scroll all the way down to the bottom left corner, and input the number of tickets.  It will then open a page, for you to input your credit card information.

Why does it show there are tickets, but say “out of stock”?  Unfortunately we had a crash of the website, with all the volume early on, and the counter on the customer side is not working.  It is working on the backend however.  Sorry for the confusion, the Webmaster is working on it.

Why haven’t I received a confirmation? Again this is due to our website crashing, and the email portion is not working.  You don’t need a ticket, since we will be calling you up by group, or by last name.

What time do I have to be there? Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your departure time.  The drivers leave promptly at 6:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., and can not wait.  We did have customers disappointed in past years, because they arrived AT the departure time.  Again please be there 15 min. PRIOR to departure of 6:30 p.m. or 8:30 p.m.

We are located on the right hand side of the parking lot (when facing Burlington).  Closest to the Regions Bank Building.

What is the cost, and do you give discounts to groups? We have kept the cost of the tickets to $15.00 per person for the past 10 years, and want to keep it that way.  We try and make it affordable for everyone.  Since it is a sellout every year, there are no discounts.

Are children free? There is no charge for “lap children”, however, if they need a seat, they will need a ticket.

Can we bring a cooler? Food? Drinks? If you have rented the entire trolley for your group, yes you can bring a cooler.  But, if you are in “general seating”, then we ask you refrain from any large coolers.  You can bring the small collapsible cooler.  

Yes, you can bring drinks (no glass containers, please) and no chocolate (with kids).  It tends to get smooshed on everything.  🙂

Are your trolleys heated? Some of the trolleys do have heaters, but we suggest if it’s cold outside to dress with a light coat or sweater.  Our trolleys ALL have air conditioning, so we can turn it cooler to have the Holiday weather (no snow), but they are enclosed, so they won’t get too cold if it’s cold outside.

Can we have a pickup somewhere besides Burlington? We wish we could offer that, and do (for an extra charge), if you are close by.  For us to be able to go out and pick you up, take you on the tour, and then drop you off, would not be enough time to be back to pick up the next tour.  Just email me and I can let you know.  contact@srqtrolley.com

Will I be on the same trolley as my friends? Only if you let me know.  We have 5 trolleys going out nightly for two tours, so I would need to know who your friends or group are.  Feel free to email me and let me know what tour and time you booked and what group or friends you would like to be with.  I will always try and accommodate.

Thanks for considering SRQ TROLLEY for your holiday fun!  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Priscilla Gratton







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